Getting Started

How To Get Started

Ameripaca Alpaca Breeding Company is a family-owned business that has immersed the Campbell family in the alpaca industry since 1993. For more information and a closer look at this wonderful lifestyle, please call to schedule a visit to our farm in beautiful West River, Maryland. We will gladly share our knowledge and experiences with you. We offer individualized instruction including advice on health care, breeding stock selection, pastures, fencing, shelters, insurance, and financing. After 22 years in business, we have many references which are available upon request. Phone 410-867-4204 for an appointment, or use our Contact page.

We strongly recommend you thoroughly investigate the requirements of breeding, raising, and marketing alpacas before your first purchase. Rewarding as it is, the unique world of alpacas is one dealing with living creatures, and the risks associated with livestock should be carefully considered.