Alpaca Terminology

June_4 boysWhat’s the difference between an alpaca pet, fiber animal, or junior herdsire?

Over our 22-years of breeding alpacas, we typically kept only two baby boys out of approximately fifty born on our farm each year. This statistic indicates both our rigorous standards for our breeding herdsires as well as the availability of affordable male alpacas from Ameripaca. Whether you are looking for pet alpacas, fiber animals, or junior herdsires, we have a wide variety of boys to choose from. Our web sales list offers only a percentage of the males we have for sale, so please do inquire!

We can halter train your alpacaPet-Quality Alpaca

At Ameripaca, the word “pet” does not necessarily indicate a lack of quality. An alpaca that is considered a “pet” by our standards is simply not sold with papers or with the intention of being shown or bred. We have sold many beautiful alpacas that are technically pets simply because customers have chosen not to breed or show their animals. That said, generally clients who buy pets look for sweet, affordable alpacas for personal enjoyment. Our most affordable alpacas are young males who are not up to our breeding standards for conformation or fiber quality. Pet males usually cost around $200/250. For an extra fee, your pets can be halter-trained and neutered by our resident veterinarian/owner.

Fiber Animal Alpaca

A “fiber animal” has nice fleece and would be an ideal purchase for the fiber enthusiast. A fiber animal may or may not be of breeding or show quality. Some animals are fiber animals simply because they find show environments stressful and are happier on the farm. Aside from having shy demeanors, these alpacas are otherwise considered show quality. Other fiber animals may not have the perfect conformation for the show ring, yet they exhibit remarkable fiber. These animals have often won fiber awards but would not be included in our competitive breeding program. Fiber animals tend to be more expensive than pets and are sold with the option of buying registration papers should you decide to show—or breed—your alpaca. Prices typically range from $300 to $1000.

Junior Herdsire

A “junior herdsire” is a male alpaca that could be used in a breeding program or as a top-quality fiber animal. These males are young, have often been shown, and have not yet bred. If we have not kept them for our own farm, it is likely because we have a comparable sibling who exhibits the same traits with the same bloodline. To maintain diverse bloodlines for ourselves and our clients, we offer Junior Herdsires for sale. Prices typically range from $400 to $1000.