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Suri Phenotype

Suri Phenotype

What Do We Mean by Suri Phenotype?

A detailed look at what makes a Suri a Suri.

We often hear judges refer to suri phenotype when giving their oral reasons for placings in the show ring. Another term – “typey” – also refers to how well the animal exemplifies suri phenotype. For the newcomer to suri alpacas, these are elusive terms. What do we mean by the term “suri phenotype?”

“What Do We Mean by Suri Phenotype”
by Gail Campbell, DVM
(1.8MB PDF)

Alpacas are typically gentle around childrenGail Campbell, DVM of Ameripaca Alpaca Breeding Co. has been a Suri breeder since 1994. She has been active in the Suri Network as past president, marketing committee member, and editor of Purely Suri magazine. The below article in PDF format was first published in 2003, and subsequently, this revised article was published in 2010.

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